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Exchange Bank of Canada - The Choice of Financial Institutions And Corporations

Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC) has an experienced team focused on providing the highest level of foreign exchange services, such as banknote exchange and international payments, to financial institutions and corporations. Backed by an industry leading software, EBC creates cost-effective foreign exchange solutions by partnering with its clients, to deliver unparalleled customer service with streamlined and integrated payment processes. Learn how EBC's dedicated team of specialists share industry best practices, maximizing clients' resources.

About Exchange Bank of Canada

EBC offers a wide range of foreign currency and international payments services tailored specifically to your business. Our various service models and industry specific solutions will help to ensure cost-savings, revenue enhancements and efficient payment processing.

As an industry leader of banknote and cross-border payments our services are white-labeled by many financial institutions. In addition, we provide flexible file integration with financial accounting and treasury Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software packages for our corporate customers. Behind the scenes, EBC's solutions integrate seamlessly into our customers' operational infrastructure allowing them to provide world-class foreign exchange services, while focusing on their core competencies.

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Working With EBC

EBC leverages its relationships and resources to deliver cost-effective foreign currency and international payment options.

  • Access to a team of dedicated foreign exchange specialists
  • FX risk management strategies
  • State of the art technology with EBCFX
  • White-labeling platform
  • File upload and integration
  • Compliance verification system (CVS)
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