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Purchasing machinery from international vendors, selling parts to clients overseas, or paying rent across borders can create uncertainty for your bottom line. Developing a robust risk management plan is like having an insurance policy that protects against foreign exchange volatility. Work with your dedicated FX specialist to stabilize your cash flow and remove FX uncertainty.

  • Sustain profit margins
  • Protect your balance sheet
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Maintain your competitive pricing

EBC's FX Hedging Process

Your dedicated FX specialist will create a customized hedging plan for your business:


Identify your FX exposure and at-risk cash flows. Develop a risk management policy – when and what to hedge?


Determine your budget and goals. Formulate the hedging strategy – how and what products to use?


Actively remove FX risk as it comes up. Evaluate the results – how can we adjust and improve?

EBC's Hedging Toolkit

Learn the main features of some of the tools we use.

FX Spot Payments
With FX spot payments, you can make a payment and get a live exchange rate for the foreign currency you need to pay in, right then and there. Easy, fast, and secure.

Fixed-Dated Forward Contracts
The most common hedging tool, fixed-dated forward contracts lock in today’s rates for an FX payment to be made in the future. The defined future date cannot be altered.

Open-Dated Forward Contracts
Open-dated forward contracts have an open time period to settle and deliver the currency, allowing you to draw down against original amount contracted prior to the value date.
FX (Cross-Currency) Swaps
Simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates is used to modify delivery obligations for fixed-dated forwards.

Why Choose EBC?

We are Canada’s Foreign Exchange Bank. Our dedicated FX specialists are veterans in the industry and work to become a natural extension of your team.

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