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Exchange Bank of Canada offers a broad range of international payment services to organizations of every size. Whether a client needs to make a simple payment to their supplier abroad, provide payment services at their financial institution, execute multiple payments to numerous beneficiaries in different currencies or collect funds from a third party in foreign currency, EBC provides an easy to use solution.

How can clients save time and money? EBC knows cash flow and reconciliation are important to clients, so we confirm order details the same day. EBC knows administration time is a cost, so the state-of-the-art platform EBCFX is easy to use and can be integrated into the client’s software or platform.

When clients need to make international payments in different currencies, EBC provides a simple solution by integrating foreign exchange and payments. Simply call the dedicated trader or use the online system EBCFX to order foreign exchange and arrange payment or collection of funds with a competitive rate.

With EBC, making or receiving payments from international relationships is just as easy as domestic transactions. EBC’s expertise, together with our online system, provides access to a wide variety of international payment products, services, and market commentary. In just moments, clients can manage their international payments using stored templates and pre-loaded beneficiary information. Now that is saving time and money.

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International wire transfers features

  • International wire network
    International wires available in more than 180 countries
  • Compliance verification system
    Online compliance screening
  • Foreign currency exchange
    Real-time exchange rates
  • Low service fees
    Low service fees
  • File integration into core systems
    Availability for file integration into core systems
  • In-depth and flexible reporting
    In-depth and flexible reporting
  • Bank validation tools
    Bank validation tools
  • Manage repetitive beneficiary templates
    Manage repetitive beneficiary templates
  • Dedicated trader and support team
    Dedicated trader and support team
Fast payments around the world
The fastest method of making secure payments around the world, wire transfers via SWIFT are available in nearly every country and can be transacted in CAD, USD, or in the beneficiary’s local currency. Use Exchange Bank of Canada to send SWIFT international wire transfers.
Wire validation tools reduce errors
Reduce virtually all likelihood that payments will be rejected due to incorrect information. Exchange Bank of Canada provides beneficiary validation tools for Global Banking directories and prompts users for other information that local banking regulations require 1.


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1 Additional information may be required depending on the beneficiary country and/or purpose of the wire that can delay payments.