EBC For Financial Institutions

EBC’s state-of-art technology solution and customer-focused service prioritize compliance, accuracy, and speed to increase your efficiency and revenues.

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EBC For Corporations

EBC’s knowledgeable account managers provide risk-based strategies and market expertise that saves time and protects budgets.

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EBC’s dedicated traders and business reviews empower foreign exchange and international payment services.

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Why Choose EBC?

The Only Schedule 1 Canadian Bank Specializing in Foreign Exchange and Trusted by Financial Institutions and Businesses in Canada 

The EBC team puts clients first. We develop industry-leading technology and solutions that deliver comprehensive, cost-effective, and trusted payment processes and foreign currency results for clients of every size.

With EBC's experienced team providing the highest level of foreign exchange services and technology achieved through business reviews and industry best practices, our clients maximize their resources and get to focus on the core business.