banknote exchange

Exchange Bank of Canada is one of the largest foreign currency banknote providers in Canada.

Banks and credit unions in Canada work with EBC to increase efficiency, optimize processes, enable business growth, and generate new revenues. We streamline the banknote ordering process so you can focus on your core business and customers.

We're the Banknote Bank

We leverage our broad network and proprietary software to provide Canadian banks and credit unions with a superior and specialized service for wholesale banknotes.

Foreign currency exchange


We buy and sell more than 80 foreign currencies exchanging billions every year.
Foreign currency exchange

Experienced specialists

EBC was established with the purpose of improving the foreign currency exchange environment in Canada.

Support all the way

Take advantage of our full training program, marketing support, and live customer assistance.
Customer service rating

Transparency and customer service

We take pride in our 95% net promoter score / customer satisfaction rating.
Global Wholesale Banknotes for International Financial Institutions

EBC’s Competitive Banknotes Advantage

EBC is one of a handful of banks approved to participate in the Federal Reserve’s prestigious Foreign Bank International Cash Services (FBICS) program. Through the FBICS program, EBC will receive access to the Federal Reserve’s International Cash Services (ICS) Program, able to source US Dollar banknote currency directly from the Federal Reserve.

To learn more about EBC’s access to the FBICS program, please see the FRBNY’s website or EBC's announcement.

EBC’s Proprietary Solution for Banknotes

EBCFX is our proprietary solution for managing, automating, and streamlining banknote orders. Modular in design and integration-ready, EBCFX can be customized to fit your organization’s requirements and match your look and feel. And best of all, there is no charge to you.

Core system integrations and automation

White label our solution for customers and downstream correspondent institutions

Intuitive inventory management solutions

Minimize entry errors with automation and banknote verification images

Order and shipment tracking with live status updates

Custom-built, exportable reports, and report templates

Compliance Verification System (CVS) Integration

EBCFX’s Compliance Verification System (CVS) is embedded into the software's core to ensure strong compliance protocols protect your business and align with all applicable regulations, including:

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Live compliance checks of regulatory watch lists
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Easy to review matches
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Live-stop capabilities
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Branch hopper aggregation
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Robust compliance reporting



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