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Why do so many Financial Institutions trust EBC for foreign exchange and international payment processing solutions?

EBC understands that financial institutions need to move money around the world quickly, efficiently, and securely. If your financial institution can't offer competitive rates and access to convenient foreign exchange solutions for its client, they will find other providers.

EBC brings a world of opportunities to the financial institution’s end customers. EBC's systems, global network, experience, and most importantly team of dedicated individuals eliminate the complexities of foreign exchange and international payment processing while maximizing the bottom-line.

EBC’s industry-leading FX software, EBCFX, provides financial institutions with a fully integrated platform from front to back-end systems for foreign exchange and international payment services. Compliance verification system (CVS) makes processes simpler, safer, minimizes cost, and reduces risk.

EBCFX can be customized to meet your financial institution’s unique needs including:

  • Static and real-time rate alerts
  • White-labelling the customer-facing interface
  • Online and offline payment incorporated into historical reporting
  • Inventory management tools
  • Shipping integration
  • Manage repetitive beneficiaries templates
  • Global banking validations for international wire transfers and global EFTs
  • Fully customizable reporting and file integration with full reconciliation processing

How is EBC different?

Customized solutions

Personalize the FX process with solutions designed to ensure that financial institutions can focus on their customers including transparent pricing and service fee structures, expansive international payment options, and more.

Improve speed and reduce costs

Banks across the world and domestically can securely access bulk foreign banknote exchange supported by the expertise from an end-to-end logistics and foreign currency specialty bank.

Increase revenue

Increase profits through competitive rates and reduced overhead costs and risk.

Dedicated account managers

Providing clients with a consultative review, risk-based strategies, and market expertise.

Unparalleled customer service

Live customer support line available until midnight (EST).

EBC’s relationship-driven team delivers highly customized and consultative services to meet your financial institution needs.

Hedging and Risk Management
Domestic Foreign Banknote Exchange

Automate your foreign currency exchange process.

Foreign Banknote Services
Global Wholesale Foreign Banknote Exchange

Improve speed and reduce your costs.

International Payments
International Payments

Fast and secure payments in over 180 countries.

Why Choose EBC?

By working with EBC, financial institutions of all sizes can expand their services, stay competitive in a global marketplace and develop new non-interest revenue streams. Our systems combined with our global network and team of experts, make the foreign exchange and international payment processing tasks simple and helps maximize your bottom line.

We break down the barriers to having a foreign currency exchange and international payments system by offering:

  • Onsite staff training and solutions implementation
  • Prioritizing trusted, mutually beneficial relationships worldwide
  • Ensuring worldwide compliance and regulatory changes are met

Our solutions provide financial institutions with best-practice models, automated processes with live status updates, annual business reviews, marketing support, a dedicated account management team and more.