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In an ever-changing global marketplace financial institution of all sizes are looking to expand their services, stay competitive, attract new customers, and develop new non-interest revenue streams. As foreign travel, international trade, and e-commerce expand their global footprint, there is an ever-increasing demand for foreign currency, international payment, and foreign collection services. Exchange Bank of Canada understands the vital role it plays in moving money around the world quickly, efficiently, and securely for its clients and their customers.

 EBCFX, the bank’s state of the art software with an enhanced suite of foreign exchange and international payment services, creates a secure and easy to use environment for clients. EBC has a seasoned and experienced team delivering personalized service and support leveraging decades of experience working with financial institutions. 

EBC helps navigate financial institutions through the core activities and procedures utilizing an industry best practice model to reduce costs, maximize revenue, and streamline processes.

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Exchange Bank of Canada - Trust the foreign exchange and international payments specialist

1. Challenges to financial institutions can force them to lose out in the market

Many financial institutions are confronted with barriers when instituting foreign currency exchange and international payments on their own. It can be problematic or costly for them to deliver a differentiated international service offering to the marketplace for a number of reasons:

  • Training and development of staff with expertise
  • Investment in systems and technology to offer a competitive online solution
  • Worldwide compliance and regulatory changes
  • Correspondent banking relationships
  • Operational infrastructure and experience

2. EBC's solutions simplify processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue

With Exchange Bank of Canada, financial institutions can break down the barriers stopping them from having an effective foreign exchange program. This allows institutions to focus on their core competencies, while EBC works behind the scenes to bring a world of opportunities to the financial institution’s end customers. EBC's systems, global network, experience and most importantly team of dedicated individuals eliminate the complexities of foreign exchange and international payment processing, while maximizing the bottom-line.

At the core of EBC's offering is a complete range of solutions to ensure financial institutions build a fence around their most valued assets - their customers. Solutions provide:

  • Enhanced profitability and fee revenue
  • Transparent pricing and service fee structure
  • Consultative review and best-practice models
  • Inventory and consignment options for banknotes
  • Automated processes with live status updates
  • Dedicated account management team
  • In-country payment processing using global EFT
  • Expansive international wire options
  • Annual business reviews
  • Marketing support
  • Onsite training and implementation

3. Delivered in advanced software

Utilizing the next generation in international payment processing, EBCFX helps financial institutions minimize the cost, time, and effort in providing its customers with the latest and greatest in technology.  EBC’s online solution is easy and customizable, including white-labeling capabilities keeping financial institutions in front of their clients. EBCFX offers a wide variety of differentiated features that allows financial institutions to stand out in its marketplace:

  • A state of the art international payments platform
  • Static and real-time rate structure
  • Private label and/or parent-child interface capabilities
  • Full front to back end system integration
  • Compliance Verification System (CVS) available throughout all products
  • Online and offline payments incorporated into historical reporting
  • Inventory management tools
  • FedEx shipping integration
  • Manage repetitive beneficiary templates
  • Global banking directory lookup for international wire transfers and global EFTs
  • Customized reporting and file integration with full reconciliation processing

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Foreign Banknote Services
International Payments
Foreign Cheque Clearing
Foreign Bank Drafts