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Why do so many Corporations rely on EBC for foreign exchange and international payment processing solutions?

EBC is a specialist in foreign currency exchange, helping corporations grow internationally.

With an approach to foreign exchange management and integrated international payment solutions, each of our solutions is tailored to meet your business needs. Customers receive highly personalized service and unparalleled customer support. Personal Relationship Managers collaborate with each business to understand their unique needs. Our tailored solutions enhance and streamline the payment process for more than 180 countries.

How is EBC Different?

Intuitive interface and technology

EBC FX Now is an easy-to-use international payments solution with an intuitive interface, order validation, internal control settings, and robust reporting.

Dedicated relationship managers

Get a business review with one of our Account Managers to get a customized and flexible solution that will fit your business needs and future growth goals.

On-demand FX rate alerts

Access rate alerts and market updates with a proactive payments support team dedicated to your business.

Customized solutions

Build a customized solution with multiple outgoing payment options to fit your business’ budget and delivery time.

Unparalleled customer service

Highly rated by clients for our cutting-edge technologies and personalized support.

EBC’s relationship-driven team delivers highly customized and consultative services to meet your business’ global payment needs.

Hedging and Risk Management
Hedging and Risk Management

Manage FX risk and volatility in the market for your business.

International Payments
International Payments

Fast and secure payments in over 180 countries.

Why Choose EBC?

A dedicated trader and experienced support team provide businesses with a roadmap to successfully start or optimize their international payments through financial and operational efficiencies.

  • The ability to have multiple outgoing payment options that fit your business’ budget and delivery time
  • Gain a better understanding of the true costs for business services by utilizing foreign-denominated payments
  • Convert incoming foreign payments to local currency
  • Access to a dedicated Relationship Manager and customer support team
  • Platforms featuring real-time exchange rates, a customized report builder, flexible file interface, bank validation tools, quick and easy FX and international payment management, access to FX balances, payment statuses, streamlined payments, and repetitive beneficiary template management