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International trade and globalization offers tremendous opportunities for all types of businesses to grow and expand into new untapped markets or further into the existing markets they may already be servicing.

Regardless of your industry or business, today's complex and challenging business environment demands sophisticated solutions beyond the simple processing of payments and collections. Exchange Bank of Canada's team of experts, using state of the art technology, tailor international services to each client by offering a full suite of products and services to help each client’s business succeed in the global marketplace.

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Benefits to corporations

  • Multiple outgoing payment options to fit each business' desired costs and delivery time
  • Convert incoming foreign payments to local currency
  • Utilize foreign-denominated payments to better understand the true costs for business services
  • Forecast seasonal and annual spending to evaluate business patterns
  • Dedicated traders and customer support team provide market updates and personal interaction to gain the most out of the international payment services
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERP, accounting packages and treasury workstations
  • The EBCFX software fulfills all services by simplifying the process with an intuitive interface, order validation, internal control settings, and robust reporting.

A dedicated trader and experienced support team provide businesses with a roadmap to successfully start or optimize their international payments through financial and operational efficiencies.

EBCFX Online

Exchange Bank of Canada’s software platform provides businesses with a streamlined method for processing payments in over 180 countries. EBC can also easily implement payment processing through an API that integrates with your accounting, treasury or ERP system, removing the need for multiple platforms when transacting internationally.

  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Customized report builder
  • Flexible file interface and integration with ERP and accounting systems
  • Bank validation tools
  • Manage repetitive beneficiary templates
  • Dedicated trader and support team

Whether the business is a small import/export business that wants the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make international payments, or a larger business that requires highly tailored strategic innovation with integrated payment execution, Exchange Bank of Canada has a seasoned team that delivers customizable and consultative services for all businesses’ global payment needs.

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Trusted provider of global payments
EBC understands when businesses work with foreign exchange, volatile market fluctuations can impact the company's bottom-line. Access rate alerts and market updates with a proactive payments support team dedicated to your business's well-being.
Customized and flexible solutions
EBC's solutions are built for companies of all sizes. Schedule a current business evaluation with EBC to better understand the products that fit your business, their upside, and potential challenges you can overcome.
Payments made around the world
International payments to and receivables from more than 180 countries broadens the spectrum of opportunity. Take advantage of EBC's variety of ways to send money around the world.
Delivering value to your business
Reducing costs, enhancing revenues, and streamlining payment processes are every business' goals. Reach these goals with EBC's wide range of international payment products and services.

Available services

Hedging and Risk Management
Hedging and Risk Management
Foreign Banknote Services
Foreign Banknote Services
International Payments
International Payments
Foreign Cheque Clearing
Foreign Cheque Clearing
Foreign Draft Issuance
Foreign Draft Issuance