Innovative technology solutions for foreign currency exchange and international payments

Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC) provides leading foreign exchange and international payment technology solutions to its clients.

All of EBC's services can be accessed through one of its web-based software systems - EBCFX or EBC FX Now. Services include the exchange of foreign currencies, wire transfer payments, Global EFTs, purchase and sale of foreign bank drafts and international travelers’ cheques, and foreign cheque clearing for financial institutions and corporations.

EBC's software utilizes system integrations that simplify transactions, enhance security, and support adherence to compliance  regulations. Our technology integrations effectively and seamlessly improve clients’ workflow within their current processes. Available integrations for common core banking systems and other third party platforms include APIs and flexible file exchanges that streamline processes for an easy to use, powerful foreign currency exchange and international payments software environment.

To support its technology and software, EBC maintains an active development cycle. Routine maintenance, security upgrades, new features, and request fulfillment are deployed to enhance our clients' experience within the systems. Investing in ongoing development is a high priority for EBC as it knows its adaptable technology is crucial to maintaining its highly regarded status with its clients.

See how EBC's foreign exchange and international payments online software benefits clients.

Foreign Exchange Software

EBCFX Online Platform

Best use: Financial institutions and foreign currency exchange (banknote) wholesalers

The core features allow for fully customized client setups, compliance integration, instinctual user interface, user management, and robust reporting capabilities. EBCFX delivers all of EBC's foreign currency services in a powerful package including foreign banknote exchange, foreign and CAD travelers' cheques exchange, foreign cash letter and cheque collection, foreign draft issuance, global EFT, and international wire transfers.

  • Enable customers to buy and sell more than 80 foreign currencies
  • Buy and sell CAD and foreign American Express Travelers' Cheques
  • White-labeled foreign banknote interface for clients and downstream correspondent institutions
  • Customized company setups provide a full suite of inventory management solutions
  • Automated transaction process and consistently updated banknote verification images minimizes any chance for entry errors
  • Currency order and shipment tracking 
  • Live transaction email notifications with status updates
  • Integrated compliance system has all the tools and information readily accessible for administrators and auditors
  • Wide variety of user roles and permission based system delivers full control of how users interact with the system
  • Versatile report builder to produce custom, exportable reports and report templates
  • Full training program, marketing support, and live customer assistance to enhance currency and new program effectiveness

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EBCFX Now - A Modern International Payments Platform

Best use: Corporations, NGOs, and other organizations sending international payments

The EBC FX Now online platform provides faster and clearer global payment management for organizations moving money around the world. Cross-border payments and cross-currency account liquidity are easier than ever before and supported by EBC's impressive currency exchange rates.

Improve your FX and international payment process with less time managing accounts and more control of your organization's FX balances, easily streamline and automate FX payments, quickly send global payments on-demand, and improve accuracy with simple beneficiary templates.

  • Improve your FX and international payment management
  • Know more with 24/7 access to your FX balances (multi-currency balances) and international payment statuses
  • Easily streamline and automate international payments
  • initiate international payments faster
  • Minimize delayed payments with simple beneficiary templates
  • All designed to enhance and improve your FX payment experience in a structured and efficient manner for your business

EBC FX Now At A Glance

Learn more about how customized client setups with EBC can help streamline the operations at your corporation or financial institution.

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