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Marketing Support

Exchange Bank of Canada is a proud supporter of client businesses and financial institutions. At EBC, we seek to improve and grow client foreign currency exchange business by providing exceptional customer support and a variety of training options and marketing tools. EBC's goal, unlike many competitors, is to grow the exchange volume at client's foreign currency locations. This builds strong, long lasting relationships between EBC and its clients. A range of tools crafted by EBC's market experts help kick start companies new to foreign exchange, as well as enhance the current program of veteran companies if they already have one in place.

When starting services with EBC, a dedicated relationship manager is able to evaluate the goals of the foreign currency exchange program and identify opportunities. Sharing this vision, a marketing proposal is developed with the understanding that EBC's suggestions are all customizable and branded for each client company. The aim of the proposal is to show the available options and how they can be incorporated into client business' current marketing efforts seamlessly. Depending on the market of each location conducting foreign currency exchange and the business model deployed, EBC can significantly increase client's current FX business.

Marketing Examples

Digital Rate Boards

Digital Rate Boards are the ubiquitous image for foreign currency exchange. At select high traffic locations, EBC can provide these rate board options to draw additional attention. Rate boards are best displayed in window fronts where foot-traffic can easily see the board.

RB-1202TN (Large Dual Column 12 Currency Rate Board)
Height: 37 in / 93.98 cm, Width: 24.5 in / 62.23 cm, Weight: 37 lbs / 16.8 kg
RB-0801TSN (Small Single Column 8 Currency Rate Board)
Height: 23 in / 58.42 cm, Width: 17 in / 43.18 cm, Weight: 18 lbs / 8.16 kg

Large Dual 12 Currency Rate BoardSmall Single 8 Currency Rate BoardRate Board StandWindow Rate Board

Digital Display Technology

In some environments, digital rate boards either functionally or aesthetically are not an option. A viable alternative to displaying rates is on a Digital Display or TV display. EBC has the technology to implement automatically updated rates through a TV connected to the internet. The final display is fully customizable.

Digital Display Rate BoardDigital Display Rate Board

Static Signs

Static signs can be displayed almost anywhere. These signs are easy to install and are recommended for all currency exchange locations. Options come in: Framed Wall Signs, Desktop Signs and Window Cling Signs.


Digital Graphics and Assets

EBC's marketing team has done the searching and file creation to provide a full portfolio of digital assets for your business. From custom made images to full file creation for your next email blast, EBC can make it easy for your marketing team.

Online Marketing and SEO

As we all know, the ability to reach customers through the internet has changed the way consumers get information. EBC can show businesses how to improve their presence online with search engines, directories, review sites, and even their own website.

Our step by step guides and knowledgeable staff brings your business one step closer to those in need of foreign currency exchange.