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Foreign banknote services

Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC) is one of the largest foreign currency exchange providers of banknotes in Canada offering services to financial institutions and corporations. At its core, EBC is a bank that successfully pairs its resources and relationships to provide the specialized service of foreign currency exchange to its clients with world-class customer service at extremely competitive rates. Many clients find they receive a superior service when engaging with EBC compared to previous providers, resulting in enhanced revenues and streamlined processes with an end result that is better for them and their clients.

In addition to providing foreign banknote exchange services, EBC's proprietary software, EBCFX, automates the foreign currency exchange process end-to-end with customizable setups and its Compliance Verification System (CVS) is built into the software's core to assist1 with compliance with all applicable regulations.


Foreign Currency Exchange (Banknotes) Features:

  • Enable customers to buy and sell more than 80 foreign currencies
  • Buy and sell CAD and foreign American Express Travelers' Cheques
  • White-labeled foreign banknote interface for clients and downstream correspondent institutions
  • Customized company setups provide a full suite of inventory management solutions
  • Automated transaction process and consistently updated banknote verification images minimizes any chance for entry errors
  • Currency order and shipment tracking 
  • Live transaction email notifications with status updates
  • Integrated compliance system has all the tools and information readily accessible for administrators and auditors
  • Wide variety of user roles and permission based system delivers full control of how users interact with the system
  • Versatile report builder to produce custom, exportable reports and report templates
  • Full training program, marketing support, and live customer assistance to enhance currency and new program effectiveness

Learn more about how customized client setups with EBC can help streamline the operations at your corporation or financial institution.


1Although EBCFX incorporates compliance features, customers are solely responsible for complying with the PCMLTFA and other applicable compliance and regulatory requirements applicable to them.