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Exchange Bank of Canada provides travel industry businesses, such as tour operators and travel agents, a simple and automated solution when coordinating payments for international purchase orders and invoices. Take advantage of EBC’s knowledgeable and experienced team in sending payments around the world.

In many cases, travel companies have discovered there are advantages involved when paying for products and services in the local currency of their international vendor. When sending payments with EBC, travel companies are able to lock in rates at the time of the trade, while also knowing the international vendor doesn’t have to inflate their invoice to cover exchange rates from their receiving bank. Sending international payments through EBC can then result in reducing operating costs, enhancing revenue, and easing logistical issues for these businesses.

Exchange Bank of Canada - An expert in travel payments

Keep business running smoothly
EBC knows booking and paying your international vendors is vital part of the travel business. EBC's trading desk provides market updates, rate alerts, and personal interaction to get the most out of the international payments program.
Your payments anywhere
International wire transfers to more than 180 countries broadens the spectrum of opportunity for travel companies and their clients. Utilizing EBC ensures payments arrive quickly and securely.
Manage payments with ease
Automating the foreign payments process eliminates many manual components, which cost time and money. Travel companies can streamline their process with integration into their treasury system or just through accessing the EBCFX software to facilitate transfers.
Payments at your speed and cost
EBC's payment options provide a variety of ways to send money around the world, while saving on fees. Select the service(s) that fit your business needs when paying foreign invoices for hotels, travel packages, guides and more.

Benefits to travel companies

  • Multiple outgoing payment options to settle invoices for hotels, travel packages, guides and more
  • Utilize foreign denominated payments to better understand the true costs for business services
  • Know the future costs to create better pricing for products and services
  • Forecast seasonal and annual spending to evaluate business patterns
  • The EBCFX software fulfills all services by simplifying the process with an intuitive interface, order validation, internal control settings, and robust reporting.

A dedicated trader and experienced support team provides travel companies with a roadmap to successfully start or optimize their international payments through financial and operational efficiencies.

Available services

Hedging and Risk Management
Hedging and Risk Management
Foreign Banknote Services
Foreign Banknote Services
International Payments
International Payments
Foreign Cheque Clearing
Foreign Cheque Clearing
Foreign Draft Issuance
Foreign Draft Issuance


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