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EBC FX Now - A Modern International Payments Platform

EBC FX Now is ready to help your business by making international payments and managing global FX obligations easier and quicker. Paying vendors, international payroll, repatriating funds, liquidity between currency accounts, and managing FX risk are now at your fingertips.

EBC FX Now Innovate your global payments.


How can EBC FX Now help your business send international payments?

Spend less time managing accounts and gain more control on your FX balances

  • View multi-currency account balances: 24/7 access to view your holding account balances by currency.
  • Generate account statements: Clearly see your account activity whenever you want and export it for use outside of the system.
  • Transfer between FX accounts: Quickly move currency from one currency account to another in a few clicks.

Easily streamline and automate all FX payments

  • Payment tracker: Get the status of your international payment from entered to completed.
  • Payment history: View all or filter your results to see detailed summaries of your international payments and reprint past receipts.
  • Send bulk payments: Importing bulk international payments, multiple payment currency orders and multiple beneficiaries are supported, using our file transfer facility. Simple CSV templates get your payments ordered without hassle.

Quickly send payments on demand

  • Intuitive interface for initiating FX payments: Book a spot deal, place an order, deal drawdown, book a forward deal, dealing history
  • Automated notifications: Stay in the know while on the go. Email notifications are sent so staying up to date is effortless.

​Improve accuracy with simple beneficiary templates

  • Reduce delays: Minimizing FX payment delivery issues is integral in effectively sending international payments for your business.
  • Standardized beneficiary templates: View and add beneficiaries online and we'll validate ensure it has all the required information to meet or exceed industry best practices.


Ready to innovate your foreign exchange payments? Schedule a call to get FX Now or call 1-888-729-9716